Weekly Beats 2022

Perfectly Symmetrical Friends

Cults of Symmetry V, VI and VII
Cults of Symmetry III and IV
Cults of Symmetry I and II
A House of Empty Frames
Teenage Void Songs FM
Heartbeat Potential
Chasing Your Mind Around The Corners
Sunset Forever
Between Stars, Trees and Stones
All Good Caring Things
The Curse Of Sport
Colour Repeater
Careening Towards The End
Seek Feathers & Sleep
All Our Calls Blister
The Right Sun on Wrong Earth
What We Sold For This
Battles for Everyone
Drifting Between Cults With Friends
Caught in Our Perfect Skin
Our Star Will Devour
Reaching the Tear in the Moonset
The Tricks Around You Win
Slightest Spirits
It is the Totality
Hunting Season for Darlings
An Ultimate Display of Value
Forever Focus
It Is Pretty Good News For Planet Earth
The Dreaming Void
The New Midnight Trace
The Rot in the Heart
Entertainment Everything
This Universe Could Be Your Life
Sight Lines
The Last Chart of Our Sky
Coded Surfaces
Hotels for Your Heart
Mastery of Empty Fiction Award
Curious Stories for Hollow Vessels
Away, Away, Away
Charming the End of Time
Getting Started With Infinity
Light of a Bad Sun
No Truth Will Fail You
Rising of the Lights
Healthy Defaults
With Your Perfectly Symmetrical Friends
Replicate Creeps
Your Total Life Racing
Speaking in Loops
Cool Reference