Perfectly Symmetrical Friends Volume 2 (2023)

120 page A5 full colour paperback zine. Completing the Perfectly Symmetrical Friends project. Includes 26 + 3 tracks from 2022 and a bonus mini-zine ‘Cults of Symmetry’

Perfectly Symmetrical Friends Volume 1 (2022)

56 page A5 full colour paperback zine. The first 26 illustrations and tracks from 2022. Includes a download of all 26 tracks + 2 bonus tracks

The Retro E-Waste Lifestyle Club (2017)

A 200 page hardback book of artwork, expanding on the 2016 Retro E-Waste Liftstyle Club project. 22 x 22cm square, and including all the artwork from the project, 52 all new illustrations, including double page spreads and new additions.

Kickstarted in Feburary 2017 and delivered in Janurary 2018.